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IMA Hero™ Collection is owned and distributed by StarRise Creations. StarRise Creations was founded in 1999 to create fun products to educate and inspire people of all ages. Our goal is to design educational tools for people to learn while they are having fun.

The IMA Hero™ Collection celebrates important people in the past 1,000 years who have made a positive contribution to society. As we entered a new millennium, IMA Hero™ Collection looked back on important achievers of the last millennium.

IMA Hero™ Collection and StarRise Creations hope you enjoy learning and playing with this cute and lovable teddy bear.

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Diane Malowney
E-mail: diane@imahero.com




  How did you select the first series of bears?
IMA Hero™ Collection celebrates influential people in the world over the past 1,000 years. We chose people who have made a positive contribution to society. They represent different nationalities, occupations, and time periods.

Are you planning to release more bears in the future?

How do you define "a hero?"
IMA Hero™ Collection has chosen well-known people for its first series. However, heroes do not have to be famous people. Heroes can come in different shapes and sizes. A hero can be a relative, teacher, coach, or friend. It is up to each person to choose their own heroes.

Do you consider the first series of heroes the most important people of the last millennium?
No. IMA Hero™ Collection does not rank the importance of achievers. Different people are important for different reasons. We provide you with information about each person and let you decide their importance for yourself.

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