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Quiet Please-Eaglets Growing
An inspiring story for children of all ages. A true story of how one young boy led a school and community to save the eagles' nesting site. Children are encouraged to learn their voices can be heard.

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Ages 4to 8

Soaring Bald Eagles (Pull Ahead Books)

Three River Junction: A Story of an Alaskan Bald Eagle Preserve (The Nature Conservancy)

Bald Eagle

Soaring With the Wind: The Bald Eagle

Eagles: Lions of the Sky

Eagles of America

Bald Eagles (Birds)

Eagles (Let's Investigate)

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Ages 9 to 12

The Bald Eagle (True Books, American Symbols) - FEATURED IN THE American Symbols Reading Program (July, 2001)

Golden Eagles of Devil Mountain (Wildlife Conservation Society Books)

Eagles (Our Wild World)

Bald Eagles (Untamed World)

Quiet Please-Eaglets Growing - FEATURE BOOK

The Bald Eagle Returns

The Bald Eagle - Endangered No More

Eagles and Osprey (Wild Birds of Prey)

The Bald Eagle (Endangered Animals & Habitats)

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