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The Hero Clubhouse is no longer being published.

The following is a description of what it was and some of the member's favorite newletters.


1. What is the Hero Clubhouse™?

The Hero Clubhouse™ is the Official Online Newsletter of the IMA Hero™ Collection. It is written and distributed exclusively for the Hero Clubhouse™ Members.

The Hero Clubhouse™ came about to bring its members the inside scoop of the IMA Hero™ Collection, and it has grown to bring its members the best in "Education on the Internet." The newsletters are filled with fun and educational tid-bits about famous people, common folks, heroes, friends, historical events, and current happenings. You also receive announcements about web site features, advance notices of special events, exclusive offers, and much more!

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2. What makes the Hero Clubhouse™ Unique from other Newsletters?

The Hero Clubhouse™ is not an "ordinary" newsletter. It is a newsletter of its members, by its members, and for its members.

It is made up "of its members." The Hero Clubhouse™ knows the strength of its newsletter depends on the strength of its members, and it is determined to be the Best "Education on the Internet" Newsletter.

It is made up "by its members." Each Hero Clubhouse™ newsletter is written by the individual IMA Hero™ Bears to bring its members a unique perspective. For example, Florence (Education Director) announces additions to our Partners in Education, and Galileo (Aerospace Specialist) reports on Space Shuttle Lift Offs.

It is made up "for its members." The purpose of the Hero Clubhouse™ is to connect its members to education on the internet. There's a lot of information on the web, and this newsletter brings quality educational material to the computers of its members in an easy-to-use and fun way. Happy Learning!

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3. Who are the Founding Members of the Hero Clubhouse™?

List of Founding Members

Read about the 12 individual Founding Members:
Abe  |   Alva  |   Bard of Avon  |   Ben  |   Christopher  |   Florence
  |   King Hal  |   Robert E.  |   Sacagawea  |   Ulysses  |   Wolfgang

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Some of our member's favorite newsletters

August, 2003 August, 2002 August 6, 2001


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Abe  |   Alva  |   Bard of Avon  |   Ben  |   Christopher  |   Florence
  |   King Hal  |   Robert E.  |   Sacagawea  |   Ulysses  |   Wolfgang



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