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Meet Bard of Avon

Name: Bard of Avon

Namesake: William Shakespeare, English Poet and Playwright

Position: Head of Media Relations

How He Got This Position: Bard was chosen as the Head of Media Relations because his namesake, William Shakespeare, possessed extraordinary writing and communicative skills.

Duties Include: Heading up the Press Room and writing press releases, announcing Hero Clubhouse™ events and special occasions, and contacting magazines and news organizations about upcoming "Hero Clubhouse™ Happenings."

What Bard of Avon would Like to Share with the Hero Clubhouse™ Members: I loved to create stories and perform for audiences. I was always looking for new and exciting ways to present my tales. One thing that helped me come up with new plots and stories was my quick-wit and creativity. For example, when I first started writing sonnets, I followed the established Italian form. Two years later, I made up my own style, and this style is now called the Shakespearean Sonnet. I think it is very important to follow the directions and rules of your parents and teachers. In addition, when it does not hurt anyone, I think it is important to TEST YOUR ABILITIES AND BOUNDARIES IN YOUR WRITING. Who knows, the next form of sonnet may be named after you!

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