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Meet Ben

Name: Ben

Namesake: Benjamin Franklin, U.S. Writer, Inventor, and Statesman

Position: Director of Membership

How He Got This Position: Ben was chosen as Director of Membership because his namesake, Benjamin Franklin, represented his fellow citizens as a civic leader, foreign diplomat, and statesman during the birth of the United States of America.

Duties Include: Welcoming New Members to the Hero Clubhouse™, organizing and managing the membership functions of the Hero Clubhouse™, and bringing excitement and thrills to the Hero Clubhouse™ Newsletter through feature stories, quick-trivia, and in-depth articles.

What Ben would Like to Share with the Hero Clubhouse™ Members: I was a very interesting person - or I should say I had a many interests as a person (I also had a great sense of humor). I was involved in many professions. I was a writer, printer, newsman, publisher, editor, civic leader, postmaster, inventor, scientist, philosopher, musician, patriot, statesman, and diplomat. I guess you could say I was well rounded and open to new ideas. My advice to you is: FIND WHAT YOU LIKE AND DO IT. And have the courage to try as many aspects of life as you want - who knows, you might enjoy them all! I know I did.

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