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Meet Christopher

Name: Christopher

Namesake: Chirstopher Columbus, Italian Exlporer who Sailed for Spain

Position: Field Reporter

How He Got This Position: Christopher was chosen as Field Reporter because his namesake, Christopher Columbus, proved his survival skills to seek out unknown territories and acclimate to foreign cultures.

Duties Include: Exploring educational events in different cities and countries, seeking out "Adventures in Education," and reporting first hand on the IMA Hero™ "Local Buzz."

What Christopher would Like to Share with the Hero Clubhouse™ Members: I was born with a passion for exploration and discovery. Because the world was round, I knew it was possible to reach the Far East if I sailed west from Europe. What I did not know was two continents (North America and South America) were located in between Europe and the Far East. My bravery and adventurous spirit in sailing into the unknown waters of the Atlantic Ocean led to the Europeans' knowledge of the Americas. With a little bit of bravery and adventurous spirit, YOU TOO CAN DISCOVER A WHOLE NEW WORLD!

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