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Meet Florence

Name: Florence

Namesake: Florence Nightingale, English Nurse and Founder of Modern Nursing

Position: Education Director

How She Got This Position: Florence was chosen as the Education Director because her namesake, Florence Nightingale, portrayed great teaching skills when she opened the first training school for nurses and wrote books showing people how to improve hospitals and medical conditions.

Duties Include: Creating and improving the Education Section, Teacher's Page, and Partners in Education on our web site, implementing "The Complete IMA Hero™ Educational Program" in public, private and home schools, and overseeing "The IMA Hero™ School Fundraising Program."

What Florence would Like to Share with the Hero Clubhouse™ Members: When I was a young girl, the times were much different than they are today: the nursing profession was not respected, the hospital and medical conditions were unsanitary, and women from wealthy families were not expected to work. However, I knew in my heart I wanted to take care of sick people. My confidence and conviction allowed me to challenge society's expectations and become the best person I could be. I will be thinking about you when you FOLLOW YOUR DREAM TO BE WHATEVER IT IS YOU WANT TO BE!

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