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Founding Members

Who's Your Favorite Founding Member?

Click on their names to learn more about the Founding Members:

Abe (President of the Hero Clubhouse™)

Alva (Head of Research and Development)

Bard of Avon (Head of Media Relations)

Ben (Director of Membership)

Christopher (Field Reporter)

Florence (Education Director)

Galileo (Aerospace Specialist)

King Hal (Historian)

Robert E. (Senior Strategy Advisor)

Sacagawea (Political Correspondent)

Ulysses (Director of Special Operations)

Wolfgang (Arts and Entertainment Director)


Who's Your Favorite Founding Member & Why?

"My favorite is Abe because he's in charge!"
"I like Wolfgang because I love to watch movies and plays!"
"Ben is definitely my favorite because he deals with our memberships."
"I'm a teacher, and I love Florence."
"I'm a history buff, so naturally, King Hal (the Historian) is my favorite."

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