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Meet Galileo

Name: Galileo

Namesake: Galileo Galilei, Italian Astronomer

Position: Aerospace Specialist

How He Got This Position: Galileo was chosen as the Aerospace Specialist because his namesake, Galileo Galilei, aided the world's understanding of our universe through his discoveries of our moon, Jupiter's moons, the sun, the planets, and the Milky Way.

Duties Include: Reporting on the space program, space shuttle missions, and space station news, explaining the phases of the moon, the tides, eclipses, comets, and other "Out of this World" facts, and covering new developments and discoveries in our universe.

What Galileo would Like to Share with the Hero Clubhouse™ Members: I grew up in a time when people thought the earth was the center of the universe. Now, thanks to the help of Copernicus, myself, and other great scientists, we know the earth revolves around the sun. I relied on my progressive thinking and forward-looking vision to challenge these long held beliefs. Of course, it took more than just words to prove these theories. I backed up my ideas with scientific data and research. You too can develop a theory no matter how different it may be from current beliefs. Be sure to test and re-test your theory to see if it holds up under varying circumstances. GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN!

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