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Meet King Hal

Name: King Hal

Namesake: Henry VIII, King of England from 1509-1547

Position: Historian

How He Got This Position: King Hal was chosen as Historian because his namesake, Henry VIII, exhibited wisdom and ability as he played a major and decisive role in England's history.

Duties Include: Recording the events of the Hero Clubhouse™, preserving for all time the integrity and prestige of the Hero Clubhouse™, and researching and presenting fun tid-bits of information in "This Day in History."

What King Hal would Like to Share with the Hero Clubhouse™ Members: Being the King of England (or the Leader of any country) is an awesome and sometimes difficult responsibility. I think some qualities of a great leader are to govern with boldness and resolution. To me, this means the leader should determine the goals and direction of the country, and then work very hard to accomplish these tasks. A strong leader takes thought-out risks and is firm in his or her beliefs. The most important quality of a good leader is to be true and genuine to your family, friends, and fellow citizens. I WISH YOU WELL IN YOUR CAMPAIGN FOR PRESIDENT, PRIME MINISTER, AND OTHER ELECTED OFFICES!

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