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Name: Sacagawea

Namesake: Sacagawea, Guide and Interpreter for the Lewis & Clark Expedition

Position: Political Correspondent

How She Got This Position: Sacagawea was chosen as Political Correspondent because her namesake, Sacagawea, demonstrated political savvy as she interpreted for the Lewis and Clark Expedition at the highest and most important tribal councils and served as a peace symbol on the Expedition's journey to the Pacific Ocean.

Duties Include: Acting as the liaison for governmental affairs, reporting on political current events as they happen, and detailing important governmental changes.

What Sacagawea would Like to Share with the Hero Clubhouse™ Members: When I was growing up, the times were much different in North America. The United States territory stretched from the Atlantic Ocean to the Rocky Mountains, and Native American tribes populated the western part of the continent. The Lewis and Clark Expedition chose me as a guide, interpreter, and peace symbol because of my strength and self-reliance. I taught the men which plants were edible and recognized distinctive landmarks along the route. I knew I was up to the challenge of traveling 4,000 miles to the Pacific Ocean and back (and I carried my infant son the entire journey). You too can lead a group into unknown territory. ALL YOU NEED IS COURAGE, STRENGTH, AND A HEALTHY ATTITUDE. Happy Travels!

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