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Meet Ulysses

Name: Ulysses

Namesake: Ulysses S. Grant, U.S. Civil War General and 18th President of the United States

Position: Director of Special Operations

How He Got This Position: Ulysses was chosen as Director of Special Operations because his namesake, Ulysses S. Grant, proved his unique ability to face uncertain challenges and succeed in bringing the American Civil War to an end.

Duties Include: Editing "Special Features" for the Hero Clubhouse™, overseeing projects needing special attention and quick response, and filling in as President of the Hero Clubhouse™ when Abe is out of the office on either personal or professional business (after all, Ulysses was the 18th President of the United States).

What Ulysses would Like to Share with the Hero Clubhouse™ Members: When I was born my parents did not give me a name right away. Soon they decided to name me Hiram Ulysses Grant. My name was changed to Ulysses Simpson Grant when I attended West Point because of a paper work mix-up. Regardless of my name, I was a successful husband, father, friend, and general because of my perseverance and valiant nature. What this means to me is: I judge people on who they are as a person, not what they call themselves, what nationality they are, what religion they belong to, or what language they speak. You too can EVALUATE PEOPLE BASED ON THEIR HEART AND KINDNESS!

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