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Meet Wolfgang

Name: Wolfgang

Namesake: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Austrian Composer

Position: Arts and Entertainment Director

How He Got This Position: Wolfgang was chosen as the Arts and Entertainment Director because his namesake, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, displayed an unmatched genius for mastering every musical instrument and genre (and he did all this at a very young age).

Duties Include: Covering and attending music and art festivals throughout the world (especially the Mozart Festival in Austria), writing reviews for the "Arts and Entertainment Buzz," and directing the performances staged by the Hero Clubhouse™.

What Wolfgang would Like to Share with the Hero Clubhouse™ Members: I played many instruments and composed music ever since I was a toddler. In those days, it was difficult for me to earn a lot of money as a musician because I had to compose certain music at certain times in order to get paid. I followed these rules some of the time. Other times, I composed the music I wanted to play. Some say this was my independent and artistry nature. I am glad I followed my heart and composed the music which flowed through me because my music is enjoyed by people of all nationalities, religions, and generations (even the youngest of babies). SO FOLLOW YOUR DREAM AND LET THE MUSIC FLOW THROUGH YOU!

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