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KIDSWeek 2001
June 18 - 22, 2001
For Kids Grades 4 - 6
Windstar Land Conservancy
Snowmass, Colorado



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KIDSWeek 2001

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WHY? For the FUTURE! We all know today's kids will be tomorrow's adults. But what kind of adults will they be? With the help from the leaders at KIDSWeek 2001, you can do something positive for kids and make a great investment in the future.

WHAT IS KIDSWeek? KIDSWeek 2001 at Windstar brings together KIDS and TEACHERS to learn what they can do to achieve a peaceful and environmentally sustainable future.

WHAT IS THIS YEAR'S SPECIAL PROJECT? This year's KIDSWeek 2001 Special Project is to erect two teepees on the Windstar Land Conservancy property in Snowmass, Colorado. This land was originally Ute land, and as a part of a lesson on Native American traditions, the kids will erect two teepees on the first day of camp.

HOW CAN YOU PARTICIPATE IN THE FUNDRAISING PROJECT FOR KIDSWeek 2001? Order Your IMA Hero™ Teddy Bear today and enter in the Coupon Code: KW0601. We'll take care of the rest.

With your help, we know KIDSWeek 2001 will be a great success!

Learn More about Windstar Foundation


Happy Learning!

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