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Some of the Highlights: Galileo | Cassini | Mars

As part of their Hero Clubhouse™ duties, Christopher (Field Reporter) and Galileo (Aerospace Specialist) were thrilled to get an "all expense paid" trip to the JPL Open House on May 19 and 20, 2001!


Here is a Photo History of their Adventures at JPL in
"The Christopher & Galileo JPL Photo Gallery!"

Welcome to JPL! This is the entrance to JPL. located several miles north of Pasadena, California.


Here is the entrance to JPL with Christopher and Galileo front and center.


JPL stands for Jet Propulsion Laboratory. It is managed by the California Institute of Technology.


JPL began in 1936, when a group of Cal Tech graduates began testing rockets in addition to studying about them. The students chose this location to launch the rockets because it was a safe distance from the Cal Tech campus. These tests led to the eventual creation of JPL at the same site.


    Today, JPL is a part of NASA. JPL is in charge of non-manned missions in space (or robotic space exploration).


This is the JPL Mission Board. It states the name of the Mission, the Launch Date (day, month, year), and the Next Encounter.

JPL has 15 current missions studying the planets, the sun, comets, oceans, and much more! The next 2 encounters will be: 1) September 22, 2001, when DS1 (Deep Space 1) encounters the Comet Borrelly, and 2) October 4, 2001, when Odyssey encounters Mars. Can you figure out when Cassini will encounter Saturn?

Get all the information on JPL's past, current, and future space missions.

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