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Mars Global Surveyor

Mars Global Surveyor Quick Facts


This full-size model of the Mars Global Surveyor was on display next to the Mars Yard.

Mars Global Surveyor: The Mars Global Surveyor entered orbit around Mars in September, 1997, and began its prime mapping mission in March, 1999.

In January, 2001, it ended its primary mission of studying the entire Martian surface, atmosphere, and interior. The mission was very successful, and it returned more data about Mars than all other Mars missions combined!

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Primary Mission: from mid-March, 1999, to late January, 2001, the Mars Global Surveyor mapped the Martian surface at a low-altitude, nearly polar orbit and studied the entire Maritan surface, atmosphere, and interior.

Extended Mission: to function as a communications satellite to relay data back to Earth from surface landers launched as part of future Mars missions. Read about the Mission Overview and Mission Status.

Launch: November 7, 1996, from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida, aboard a Delta-7925 rocket. View photos of assembly, testing, arrival, launch operations, assembly at launch pad, and launch.

Where is it Now? View its current position

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