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Ulysses Solar Polar Mission

Ulysses Quick Facts



Ulysses: Solar Exploration at High Latitudes over the Sun's Poles. Scaled model of the Ulysses spacecraft. View diagram of instruments.


Ulysses is the first spacecraft to explore interplanetary space at high solar latitudes. View trajectory.


Scaled model of the Ulysses spacecraft on display at the von Kármán Visitors' Center.

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Mission: to explore the Sun's north and south poles

Launch: October 6, 1990, aboard Space Shuttle Discovery. View of Ulysses being launched from cargo bay.

Jupiter's Gravity: Ulysses passed Jupiter on February 8, 1992, and used Jupiter's large gravitational field to accelerate it out of the ecliptic plane so it could reach high latitudes. View Ulysses probe orbit.

Mission Home Page: Ulysses Mission Home Page, High-energy Astrophysics Missions, Ulysses

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