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For Release: June 14, 2001

The IMA Hero™ Collection's Web Site
www.imahero.com Grows to Over 300 Pages

From 30 to 300 in 1.5!

No, that's not miles per hour, and that's not seconds. It's the fast growth of web pages in the short time of just one and a half years!

That's right, the IMA Hero™ Award-Winning Web Site has grown from just 30 pages at its beginning on December 15, 1999, to over 300 pages by June 14, 2001! Plus, there are more than 2 dozen pages which make up our Incredible Online Store.

Which page pushed the always-educational IMA Hero™ Web Site over the amazing 300-page mark? The Exciting, New Reading Program.

SEE IT FOR YOURSELF! IMA Hero™ puts Education First, and this philosophy is reflected in the IMA Hero™ Web Site with its in-depth selection of Educational Features in "The Collection" -- the meat and potatoes of the Web Site so to speak. Choose from:

Education Section
Hero Clubhouse™
Reading Program
Teacher's Pages
Partners in Education
Online Bookstore
Your Page
Photographs & Links
Press Room

Happy Learning!






Happy Learning!

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