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The reviews are in! The IMA Hero™ Collection web site is "a great site," according to the about.com review. About.com writes:

IMA Hero. A great site; have your kids check this one out. Offers a collection of bears named after some of history's greatest people, and includes short, fun, history lessons.

About.com provides two links from this review to the IMA Hero™ Collection web site at www.imahero.com. The first link is from IMA Hero; this links you to the IMA Hero™ Collection Home Page. The second link is from The Collection; this links you to the IMA Hero™ Collection page. Which ever link you choose, there is a world of information waiting for you to explore.

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You can find the about.com review of the IMA Hero™ Collection web site at http://toycollecting.about.com/hobbies/toycollecting/msubber.htm.

Happy Learning!






Happy Learning!

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