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Surfing the Net with Kids & IMA Hero™

The Award-Winning IMA Hero™ Collection Web Site is listed as a "Heroes and Heroines" 5-Star Reader Recommendation by Surfing the Net with Kids.

Here's a glimpse of the review:

"Have Fun with History!" On the IMA Hero™ Web Site you learn about real life heroes and heroines with stories, photos, trivia and quizzes. Enjoy photos, questions, and trivia on "Your Page." Read biographies in the "Education Section." Submit your hero to "Who's Your Hero?" Join the "Hero Clubhouse™" to receive a FREE email newsletter filled with history highlights."

Syndicated columnist Barbara J. Feldman created Surfing the Net with Kids as a web site resource for kids and families. Feldman believes the internet should be a safe place for kids to explore, and she provides games, jokes, and a list of resources on a variety of topics.

NOTE: Although Surfing the Net with Kids Web Site lists many resources, we have also experienced a significant number of pop-up advertisement windows throughout the site.

Happy Learning!






Happy Learning!

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