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IMA Hero™ is the "Site of the Day"

The Award-Winning IMA Hero™ Collection Web Site was selected as TechLearning.com's "Site of the Day" for April 18, 2002. Here's what they are saying:

[The IMA Hero™ Web Site] provides a fun way to get young students interested in history. It has useful lessons and writing topics for teachers to use with students...

TechLearning.com is part of the Technology & Learning Network (TLN). TLN is a full-spectrum education technology resource for education technology leaders. It also encompasses Technology & Learning magazine and Technology & Learning Events.

The criteria for the "Site of the Day" requires functionality, design and organization, content, and technology use. Its criteria includes:

Pages load quickly and there are few or no dead links.

Design and Organization
The site is well designed and easy to navigate.

Content is free to educators.
The information is up-to-date -- revised and/or updated often.
Content and features are created so the intended audience (primarily students and/or teachers) would really use them.
The material is original.

Technology Use
The site improves upon what students would be able to learn in traditional ways.

Happy Learning!






Happy Learning!

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