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For Release: November 7, 2000


Congratulations to Ruth from Maine, Michele from New York, and Jennifer from Massachusetts! They are the Lucky Winners of The IMA Hero™ Collection Election Day 2000 Contest.

During the three weeks leading up to the 2000 Election, people all around the world got into the Spirit of the Election and entered the Election Day 2000 Contest.

Each week, a different IMA Hero™ Collection Political Bear was up for grabs: Ben Franklin, Ulysses S. Grant, and Abraham Lincoln.

The contestants submitted answers to 5 fun trivia questions about the person to enter the contest. Everyone enjoyed gathering the information, answering the questions, and remembering their school-days when they first learned these facts.

At the end of each week, one Lucky Winner was picked.

Ruth from Biddeford, Maine, won Ben Franklin.

Michele from Brooklyn, New York, took home Ulysses S. Grant.

Jennifer from Lowell, Massachusetts, walked away with Abraham Lincoln.

StarRise Creations thanks everyone for their interest and participation. The contest would not have been such a great success without every single entry. And, as we learned from the 2000 Election, every person and their vote does make a difference. Thank You!

Happy Learning!





Happy Learning!

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