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For Release: January 20, 2000


The IMA Hero™ Collection is proud to announce its web site at www.imahero.com is a Family-Friendly Site. The web site follows the guidelines of the Family-Friendly Sites and proudly displays the Family-Friendly Sites approval.

By displaying the Family-Friendly Site approval, the IMA Hero™ Collection web site follows these guidelines:

1. A site listed in Family-Friendly Sites abides by principles of love, honor and respect. Business sites listed in Family-Friendly Sites will not necessarily promote these principles directly, but they do not detract from them.

2. The site follows the spirit of the guidelines outlined herein. If you would be ashamed for your mother or 8 year old child be exposed to something, then that something probably shouldn't be in a Family-Friendly Site.

3. The site contains no adult-theme or sexually-explicit text, images, or photographs.

4. The site strives to link only to sites that meet the spirit of Family-Friendly Sites.

5. Sites change in content regularly; if changes are made to a site such that its content or one of its links no longer meets these guidelines, the site will either be edited promptly or the emblem will be removed.

6. Chat areas and forums on the site have and enforce rules that prohibit sexually-explicit language, profanity, ridiculing and disparaging remarks toward others.

7. No advertisements are accepted for liquor, tobacco, or pornographic products. Advertisements for casinos or other gambling establishments also disqualify a site.

8. The emblem must be linked to the Family-Friendly site guidelines.

Happy Learning!






Happy Learning!

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