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For Release: February 8, 2001

New Fundraising Program at www.imahero.com,
The Official Web Site of the IMA Hero™ Collection

The IMA Hero™ Fundraising Program is designed to Educate and Raise Money. The IMA Hero™ Collection wants to give money directly to schools and organizations to help educate our children, and this fundraising program will do just that.

To start your fundraising today, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1) Contact StarRise Creations for Your School Fundraising Kit
2) Sell Educational Teddy Bears to Friends, Neighbors, and Colleagues
3) Enjoy Using the Money You Raised for Your School

StarRise Creations will do the rest. We'll give your school:

A COMPLETE School Fundraising Kit including:

~ A Starter Kit with Instructions and Sample Order Forms
~ Order Forms for the Students and Teachers
~ Short Biographies about Each of the 12 Heroes
~ Brochures with Full Color Photos
~ IMA Hero™ Pencils for Each Student

FREE Sorting and Packing per Classroom

$10 OFF on every $100 purchase -- that's 10% OFF

FREE Handling Charges -- Only Pay Shipping Cost

NO Financial Obligation -- Order Only What You Sell

Customize Your Own School Bear -- Ask Us How

Happy Learning!






Happy Learning!

Send Your Questions or Comments to info@imahero.com



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