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Let the Games Begin with IMA Hero™

Get your mittens, warm coats, and a mug of hot cocoa -- the Winter Olympic Games begin Friday, February, 8, 2002, in Salt Lake City, Utah!!!

The IMA Hero™ Web Site will Celebrate the Winter Olympic Games with a New Bookstore, two "Your Pages," and an Olympic "Who's Your Hero?" Section.

Olympic Bookstore
Get in the Olympic Winter Games mood with the New IMA Hero™ Extended Bookstore dedicated entirely to the Olympic Games.

Read about:
Ancient Olympic Games
Modern Olympic Games

Winter Games
Summer Games
Olympic Athlete Biographies
The U.S. Olympic Committee
Figure Skating

Olympic "Your Pages"
Stay tuned for the Weeks of
February 4 and February 25 when IMA Hero™ will bring you more knowledge and know-how about the Olympic Games in a special 2-part Edition of the Olympic Games "Your Pages."

Olympic Heroes
Share your Olympic Heroes with IMA Hero™ to be posted on the
"Who's Your Hero?" Olympic Heroes Section. You can also read about other Olympic Heroes including Picabo Street, Dorothy Hamill, Dan Jansen, Bonnie Blair, Tara Lipinski, and The Jamaican Bobsled Team.

Go for the GOLD and Happy Learning!






Happy Learning!

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