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For Release: May 24, 2001

The Robert E. Lee IMA Hero™ Bear
Hits the Road this Summer
with Author, Mary W. Schaller

Join the Robert E. Lee IMA Hero™ Bear and Mary W. Schaller this summer as they tour the country promoting Schaller's latest Civil War book, Papa Was a Boy in Gray: Memories of Confederate Veterans By Their Living Daughters.

Follow their adventures at www.imahero.com/papa.html. Robert E. will send reports, highlights, stories, and photographs of their book tour stops. Check back for updates!

PAPA WAS A BOY IN GRAY is a collection of memories of Confederate veterans related by their living daughters. In the closing years of the twentieth century, a small group of women gave new meaning to the words "living history." These ladies were the surviving daughters of the men who had fought for the Confederacy between 1861-1865.

Mary W. Schaller (a.k.a. Tori Phillips) is the prize-winning author of four plays and seven historical novels set in the English Renaissance. Over a million copies of her books have appeared in print world-wide.

Robert E. is thrilled to be a part of this fun and exciting Summer Book Tour!

Happy Learning!






Happy Learning!

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