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For Release: March 14, 2001

New IMA Hero™ Web Site Section:
Photographs and Links

Learn about all your Favorite Heroes in The IMA Hero™ Collection's Newest Photographs and Links Section.

This section contains a variety of people, places, things, and events for you to read and research from the comfort of your own computer. Visit Photographs and Links and start EXPLORING!

Learn about People: Martin Luther King, Jr., John Muir, Patrick Henry, Astronauts, and more!

Learn about Places: National Parks, Mount Rushmore, Ireland, and more!

Learn about Things: Mars Pathfinder, Jazz, The Underground Railroad, and more!

Learn about Events: American Revolution, Apollo Missions to the Moon, the Civil Rights Movement, and more!

Is your Favorite hero, place, thing, or event missing? Just email us at info@imahero.com, and we'll do everything we can to include it in our Photographs and Links Section.

Happy Learning!






Happy Learning!

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