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Celebrate African-American History with the
IMA Hero™ February Reading Program

Join us for a month of FUN and LEARNING with the IMA Hero™ Reading Program for February. The subject is: African-American History.

The February Reading List is part of the Cornerstones of Freedom Series. Rich in content and filled with real photographs, these selected Cornerstones of Freedom books offer a solid introduction to anyone wanting to learn about African-American History.

Choose from a wide-range of eras:

1600's - 1800's (African-Americans in the Thirteen Colonies)
1800's - 1900's
(African-Americans in the Old West)
1920's - 1970's
(Jackie Robinson)
1950's - 1960's
(Civil Rights Marches)

Here's a peek of what you'll learn:

How many African-Americans fought in the American Revolution? Read More
Who were the Buffalo Soldiers?
Read More
What did Jackie Robinson do on April 10, 1947?
Read More
In what year did the Supreme Court end segregation in public schools?
Read More

Read, Learn, and Enjoy! You can also earn a FREE Certificate & Bookmark.

Start the Reading Program Today

Happy Learning!






Happy Learning!

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