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Explore with Explorers in the IMA Hero™
February Reading Program

Explore with Explores in the IMA Hero™ Reading Program for February, 2003. The subject is: Explorers.

Our February Reading List is selected from the Watts Library. Each book provides the reader with a biography of the explorer and a comprehension of the times in which the explorations took place. The readers' understanding of history is enhanced with the variety of drawings and photographs.

Choose from these Explorers:

Juan Ponce de León
Francisco Coronado
Henry Hudson
Lewis and Clark

Did You Know...

Juan Ponce de León explored Florida while trying to find the Fountain of Youth? Read More

Francisco Coronado never found the Seven Cities of Gold, but members of his expedition were the first Europeans to see the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River, and the Rio Grande? Read More

Henry Hudson sailed four voyages while trying to find a shorter water route to Asia? Read More

Lewis and Clark recruited a French fur trapper (Charbonneau) so he would bring his wife (Sacagawea) on the expedition? Read More

Read, Learn, and Enjoy! You can also earn a FREE Certificate & Bookmark.

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Happy Learning!






Happy Learning!

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