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For Release: September 2, 2001

The Columbus Santa Maria is the Feature Retail Store

Welcome Aboard The Columbus Santa Maria, the newest IMA Hero™ Feature Retail Store!

The Columbus Santa Maria is located in beautiful Columbus, Ohio, and is in its final months of the 2001 Season! Hurry, before its doors close on October 28.

The Columbus Santa Maria is a non-profit organization offering Santa Maria Tours, School and Group Programs, and Volunteer Opportunities.

For added excitement, sign up for the Overnight Program. All crew members will sign in with their "mark," perform deck-hand duties, learn about navigation, keep a ship's log, and even swab the deck. It's a fun-filled adventure from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 a.m.

Learn more about The Columbus Santa Maria at its web site, www.santamaria.org.

As Christopher Columbus would say, "A Delante!" (meaning "Sail On!")

Happy Learning (and Sailing)!






Happy Learning!

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