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For Release: May 17, 2001

The IMA Hero™ Collection's
Safe-Surfing Tips for Kids

The internet is a great tool for kids to have fun, play games, and learn. While exploring the internet, keep in mind the following Safe-Surfing Tips:

Talk with your parents about their rules and guidelines for using the internet. Be sure to ask them what time of day you can use the internet, how long you can browse, and which sites are OK for you to visit.

Keep your personal information to yourself. Don't give your name, address, phone number, or your parents' name, work address, phone number, or the name of your school to anyone or any web site without your parent's consent.

If you receive an email from someone you do not know or come across information that makes you feel uncomfortable, tell your parents right away.

If you feel uncomfortable or do not like a certain site, use the back button to leave the site or log off. Remember, you can always log back on and continue browsing safe and friendly sites.

If a site requires you to give your address, phone number or other personal information to join a club or enter a chat room, don't do it. Look for other child-friendly sites that respect your privacy.

Don't share your password with or give your password to any person or web site.

Never agree to meet face-to-face with someone you have met online without your parent's consent. If your parent consents to the meeting, make sure to meet in a public place and go with an adult.

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Happy Learning!






Happy Learning!

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