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For Release: May 18, 2001

The IMA Hero™ Collection's
Safe-Surfing Tips for Parents and Teachers

We encourage parents and teachers to be involved in your child's life, especially when it comes to surfing the internet. We recommend adults and children discuss the importance of safe surfing on the internet. To help you in these conversations, we found the following tips and links to be helpful:

Let your child know he or she must get your permission before giving out any personal information, including their name, address, phone number, or your name, work address, phone number, or the name of their school to anyone or any web site.

Set reasonable rules and guidelines with your child about using the internet. Let your child know ahead of time what sites are appropriate for them to visit.

Consider the age of your child. Young children should be accompanied when exploring the internet. Older children can surf the net by themselves as long as the follow the pre-established rules and guidelines.

Discuss with your child when they can be online, how much time per session they can be online, and how many times a week they can be online.

Browse the internet with your child. There are many web sites that provide education, entertainment, games, activities, and fun. Together, look for fun and safe sites that you both enjoy.

Look at the Privacy Policies on each site before your child gives any information. The Privacy Policies should include what information is collected, why it is collected, and what the company will do with that information.

Place the computer in a location which can be easily monitored by a parent, teacher, or other responsible adult.

Never allow your child to personally meet with someone they have met online without your permission. If you do consent to the face-to-face meeting, make sure it is in a public place, and make sure you go with them.

Consider getting software or online services which filter out offensive materials and web sites.

Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA)

U.S. Department of Education: Parents Guide to the Internet

Family Friendly Site

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Happy Learning!

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