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School Time Fun!

Welcome to School Time Fun with the IMA Hero™ Collection! The FUN STARTS at School Time Fun:


1. FREE Online Newsletter

Start spreading the news: Share the Hero Clubhouse™ Online Newsletter with someone you care about. It's a FUN way to learn, and it's GREAT for Kids & Parents, Students & Teachers, Friends & Neighbors, and Grandparents & Grandkids!

Join the Hero Clubhouse™!


2. FREE Reading Program

Great way to keep up with your reading. Get in-depth reports about American Symbols, Native Americans, American Biographies., and more!

Discover the Adventures!


3. FREE Trivia Questions & More

Expand your knowledge with Quotes, Questions, Trivia, and so much more. Each week, you can explore a new "Your Page" from the comfort of your computer.

Jump into Fun!


4. Lesson Plans & Activity Books

"Firefighters are heroes because they..." This is just one of the Entertaining FREE Lesson Plans to start your conversations about Heroes and Hero Traits.

Get a hands-on approach to learning about Abe Lincoln, Ben Franklin, and all the IMA Hero™ People. Filled with biographies, activities, and coloring, these IMA Hero™ Activity Books Entertain and Educate.

Explore More for yourself!

Happy Learning!






Happy Learning!

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