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Ringing in the New Millennium with the
Southern California Millennium Experience (SCME)

StarRise Creations and the IMA Hero™ Collection were honored attendees at the Southern California Millennium Experience (SCME) held on December 31, 1999, to ring in the new millennium.

The SCME was organized and sponsored by Barry and Jackie Bernstein, long time residents of University City in San Diego, California.

The Bernsteins hosted a wonderful gala filled with fun games, activities, photos, souvenirs, and more.

The guests wore "2000" party decorations on their heads, festive glitter on their faces, and colorful lays around their necks. There was a special edition SCME word search. The sandwich platter was in the shape of the year 2000. Barry even shaved the year "2000" in his hair.

SCME's photographer, Leslie Bernstein, took photographs of all the guests to put in the specially designed SCME picture frame. These frames were given to the guests as a souvenir. The photographs were taken in front of the SCME Bridging the Millennium poster which was signed by all the guests.

The SCME provided souvenir "2000" champagne glasses for the guests. Each glass was personalized by Stephanie Bernstein to include the name and date of the event.

The IMA Hero™ Collection made its New Year debut at the SCME event. The Complete Set of the IMA Hero™ Collection was hidden in the piano keyboard cover. As Barry introduced the IMA Hero™ Collection to the crowd, he unveiled the 12 bears by closing the piano keyboard cover. The SCME was a wonderful success.

Thank you Bernstein Family!

Happy Learning!






Happy Learning!

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