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For Release: November 20, 2000

Get the Entire IMA Hero™ Collection
for Just $95.00 & Save Over 20%

The IMA Hero™ Collection now offers the Entire IMA Hero™ Collection for the low price of just $95.00. That's only $7.92 a piece and a savings of over 20%.

"The IMA Hero™ line is an education product line, and we want education to be accessible to children, parents, students, and teachers at an affordable price," says founder and designer, Kathy Malowney. "Now when parents and teachers buy the entire set, they will save almost $25, and this $25 can go to additional resources and supplies for the student. In the end, the children will learn with the IMA Hero™ Collection and benefit from the savings. And this is what is important."

Look for other IMA Hero™ Collection savings. Coming soon, the Feature Bear will also have a special price good for the entire month. Visit the IMA Hero™ Online Store Today!

We love to pass the savings onto our customers.

Happy Learning!






Happy Learning!

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