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For Release: June 21, 2001

4 Ways to Have Fun this Summer with IMA Hero™

Welcome to Summer! To get you started on your Summer Fun, the IMA Hero™ Collection has put together Your Complete Summer Fun Package. Here are 4 WAYS to HAVE FUN THIS SUMMER with IMA HERO™:


1. FREE Online Newsletter

Start spreading the news -- the Hero Clubhouse™ Online Newsletter is a FUN way to learn about people, facts, and history. Why not share it with someone you care about? It's GREAT for Kids & Parents, Students & Teachers, Friends & Neighbors, and Grandparents & Grandkids. Join the Clubhouse!


2. FREE Reading Program

Great way for Kids to keep up with their Summer Reading. We supply the monthly reading topics, questions, vocabulary, and bonus points. You supply the reading, learning, and adventure. Also, every participant receives a FREE Certificate and/or FREE IMA Hero™ Bookmark. Discover the Adventures!


3. FREE Trivia Questions & More

Learn more trivia and facts than you'll ever need to know in "Your Page." Each week, explore new Quotes, Questions, Trivia, and much more from the comfort of your computer. By the end of the Summer, you'll have so much knowledge, you'll impress everyone at the next party. Jump into the Fun!


4. Lesson Plans & Activity Books

"If I were a Hero, I would..." This is just one of the Entertaining FREE Lesson Plans available to you this summer. Also, get a hands-on approach with the IMA Hero™ Activity Books. Explore more for yourself!

Happy Learning!






Happy Learning!

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