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For Release: December 20, 1999

NEW IMA Hero™ WEB SITE AT www.imahero.com

The IMA Hero™ Collection unveiled its web site at www.imahero.com. This web site is on the cutting-edge as it combines collectible plush with education. Over 25 pages of this web site are dedicated to education!

A friendly picture of the 12 heroes greets you on the Home Page. There is also an entertaining "Did You Know" trivia question which changes with each visit to the Home Page. Be sure to come back again and again to read a different question. For more information about the "Did You Know" person, click on the "Did You Know" question to link to that person's Hero History.

A colorful picture of each teddy bear is listed on the Education page. This page gives an overview of the 12 heroes. For in depth information, there is a Hero History page and a Hero Timeline page for each person. The Hero History page is a biography about that person, and the Hero Timeline page explains what the society was like when that person lived. There is also an Overall Timeline page which lists the 12 heroes on a timeline continuum.

No web site would be complete without links to related web sites, and we have an entire page of Hero Links to other educational and informational sites regarding the 12 IMA Heroes.

The Who's Your Hero? page lists heroes submitted by the public. This list will change periodically, so keep watching to see if your hero is listed. Currently, there is a list of heroes submitted by first and second graders. Don't forget to submit your hero before leaving this page.

An Online Store is coming soon. Check out the web site or look for the latest news from the IMA Hero™ Collection regarding the arrival of the Online Store.

Happy Learning!






Happy Learning!

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