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IMA Hero™ Donates to
the Winds of Valor Spring Muster 2003

The IMA Hero™ Collection donated IMA Hero™ Teddy Bears to the Winds of Valor Spring Muster 2003 in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, from April 4 - 6, 2003.

The Winds of Valor Spring Muster collected a total value of over $1,900 in prizes including 12 Abe Lincoln, 12 Robert E. Lee, and 12 Ulysses S. Grant IMA Hero™ Teddy Bears. The Spring Muster also held a raffle and silent auction which included the Civil War Trio of IMA Hero™ Teddy Bears.

The Winds of Valor is a group of authors, historians, artists, poets, researchers, and others who wish to honor the Americans who fought, bled, and died for the beliefs on the fields of Gettysburg in 1863.

The Winds of Valor:

honors the soldiers of Gettysburg and preserves their memory through the Winds of Valor Web Site

encourages individuals to publish their work relating to Gettysburg

pledges a minimum of 10% of their proceeds for Battlefield Preservation

educates visitors to Gettysburg

recognizes people and groups who also honor the soldiers of Gettysburg

We wish the Winds of Valor a successful Spring Muster 2003.

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Happy Learning!

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