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For Release: February 6, 2001

New Your Page at www.imahero.com,
The Official Web Site of the IMA Hero™ Collection

This page is JUST FOR YOU! And it has everything you want from Quotes to Questions, from Pictures to Trivia. Be sure to come back again and again because this page changes weekly!

Quote of the Week: Be inspired by the words and wisdom of the great orators of the past and present. Do you have a favorite quote? Just email us, and we will post it for all our viewers to read.

Picture of the Week: Enjoy a fun and entertaining picture of the IMA Hero™ Collection. Send us your photo. You may not win $10,000 like America's Funniest Videos, but you will put a smile on people's faces.

Feature Book: in Association with Amazon.com: Do you want to read more about these historical figures? We highlight quality children's books and videos about the lives and times of each person.

Trivia Question: Everyone loves trivia questions, especially when there's no pressure on getting the right answer. Just read the question, and take your time looking up the answer. If you get stuck, the correct answer will be posted the next week.

Did You Know...: Did You Know Questions are great because you always have the right answer - either your knew or didn't know the fact. In either case, now you do know, and you can impress your friends with this knowledge later.

Your Question: Do you have a question you would like answered? Just email your question to us. We will research and answer your question and provide links to other web sites with additional information.

Happy Learning!






Happy Learning!

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