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The IMA Hero™ Reading Program

questions and answers are listed below.

Teachers/Parents can use this page for their students/children to practice reading comprehension.

Remember: Just give them the questions to begin. 

After they have written/told you the answer,

then use this page to check their answer.

Reading Program Subjects

National Parks: September, 2003 (True Books)
National Parks Main Page
National Parks
Yellowstone National Park
Grand Canyon National Park
Denali National Park and Preserve

Patriots: August, 2003 (David Adler Picture Book)
Patriots Main Page
Ben Franklin
Patrick Henry
Paul Revere
George Washington

U.S. Holidays: July, 2003 (Welcome Books)
U.S. Holidays Main Page
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Earth Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day

American Trails: March, 2003 (Cornerstones of Freedom)
American Trails Main Page
The Natchez Trace
The Santa Fe Trail
The Oregon Trail
The Chisholm Trail

Explorers: February, 2003 (Watts Library)
Explorers Main Page
Juan Ponce de León
Francisco Coronado
Henry Hudson
Lewis and Clark

U.S. Government: September, 2002 (True Books)
U.S. Government Main Page
U.S. Constitution
U.S. Congress
U.S. President
U.S. Supreme Court

The American West: August, 2002 (Cornerstones of Freedom)
The American West Main Page
Exploring & Mapping the American West
The Battle of the Alamo
Asian-Americans in the Old West
The Pony Express

U.S. History: July, 2002 (If You...Series)
U.S. History Main Page
American Revolution
Traveling West in a Covered Wagon
American Civil War
Civil Rights Movement

Women in History: March, 2002 (David Adler Picture Book)
Women in History Main Page
Amelia Earhart
Helen Keller
Rosa Parks
Harriet Tubman

African-American History: February, 2002 (Cornerstones of Freedom)
African-American History Main Page
African-Americans in the Thirteen Colonies
African-Americans in the Old West
Jackie Robinson Breaks the Color Line
Civil Rights Marches

American Biographies: September, 2001 (David Adler Picture Book)
American Biographies Main Page
Frederick Douglass
Thomas Jefferson
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Native Americans: August, 2001 (If You...Series)
Native Americans Main Page

American Symbols: July, 2001 (True Books)
American Symbols Main Page
American Flag
National Anthem
Statue of Liberty
Bald Eagle





Happy Learning!

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