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Let's Get Ready for Earth Day Let's Get Ready for Earth Day (Welcome Books: Celebrations)

What I Learned Section 1 -- Answer the Following Questions:
1. When does the United States celebrate Earth Day?
a) Third Monday in January
b) April 22
c) Last Monday in May
d) July 4

b) April 22. In 1970, twenty million Americans celebrated the first Earth Day. Did you know most of them were students? In 1990, Earth Day was again celebrated. Today, Earth Day is not a federal holiday. However, every year people of all ages celebrate the planet Earth on Earth Day.

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2. Why does the United States celebrate Earth Day?
To celebrate and care for the Earth.

In order to understand why we celebrate Earth Day, we need to learn about Arbor Day. In 1854, J. Sterling Morton moved to Nebraska. He planted trees and wrote about the need for people to plant trees. In January, 1872, Morton proposed Nebraska designate April 10 as a day to plant trees. On April 10, 1872, Nebraska celebrated the first Arbor Day and planted about one million trees. In 1882, the date of Arbor Day was changed to April 22 -- Morton's birthday. Today, Arbor Day is celebrated on or around April 22.

In 1970, Arbor Day activities were expanded to include the importance of protecting the environment and the earth's natural preserves. The day was April 22, and it was called Earth Day.

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3. How do you celebrate Earth Day?
Answers may vary. Some people draw posters telling people to recycle, and they hang them in the hallways of their schools. Some people plant a tree.

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What I Learned Section 2 -- Define the following words:
Celebrate: To do something enjoyable on a special occasion

Earth Day: A holiday on April 22 during which the Earth is celebrated

Hallway: A way through a building allowing you to pass from one room to another

Planting: Putting something in the ground so it will grow

Posters: Large, printed signs often having a picture

Recycle: To collect something and send it to a special place so it can be used again

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Bonus Questions (Answer 1 of the Following Questions for Your FREE Bookmark):
Use five of the words in Section 2 in a sentence.
Answers may vary. Here are sample sentences from our young readers:
My little brother will celebrate his third birthday this month.

Earth Day is my favorite holiday.

My bedroom is at the end of the hallway.

I like planting flowers with my mom.

I like to make posters with my friends.

My family recycles newspapers.

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b. Have a parent or friend give you a spelling test with EACH of the words in Section 2.

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More Valuable Information about Earth Day:
Arbor Day and Earth Day (U.S. Embassy in Sweden)
Earth Day (Kids Domain)

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