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"I am still learning." -- Michelangelo


You may be eligible for an Educator's Discount

Educators Receive Discounts of the Retail Price
of some of the IMA Hero™ Collection Products

Find out if you qualify

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15% Off IMA Hero™ Teddy Bears…

Each Teddy Bear is $7.95 $6.76
A Set of
12 Teddy Bears is $85.00 $72.25

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IMA Hero™ Bookmarks…

**  Supply is limited

Bookmark is $.79

More info on Bookmarks


IMA Hero™ Pens & Pencils…

Each Pencil is $.79
Each Pen is $1.24
A Pen & Pencil Set is $1.75

More info on Pens & Pencils



IMA Hero™ Mugs…

Mug is $5.95

View Mugs



15% Off IMA Hero™ Bear-in-a-Mug…

Each Bear-in-a-Mug is $10.95 $9.31

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