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English-Language Arts

The IMA Hero™ Web Site, Activity Books, and Lesson Plans Comply with the Following English-Language Arts Content Standards for California Public Schools*

Kindergarten | Grade 1 | Grade 2 | Grade 3 | Grade 4 | Grade 5


1.3 Understand that printed materials provide information.
1.10 Identify and produce rhyming words.
1.15 Read simple one-syllable words.
2.4 Retell familiar stories.
2.5 Ask and answer questions about essential elements of a text.
3.3 Identify characters, settings, and important events.

1.2 Write consonant-vowel-consonant words.
1.3 Write by moving from left to right and from top to bottom.

Written and Oral English Language Conventions
1.1 Recognize and use complete, coherent sentences when speaking.

Listening and Speaking
1.2 Share information and ideas, speaking audibly in complete, coherent sentences.
2.1 Describe people, places, things.


1.1 Match oral words to printed words.
1.3 Identify letters, words, and sentences.
2.2 Respond to who, what, when, where, and how questions.
3.1 Identify and describe elements in a story.

1.2 Use descriptive words when writing.
1.3 Print legibly and space letters, words, and sentences appropriately.
2.1 Write brief narratives.
2.2 Write brief expository descriptions.

Written and Oral English Language Conventions
1.1 Write and speak in complete, coherent sentences.
1.5 Use a period, exclamation point, or question mark at the end of sentences.
1.7 Capitalize the first word of a sentence, names of people, and the pronoun I.
1.8 Spell three- and four-letter short-vowel words and grade-level appropriate sight words correctly.

Listening and Speaking
1.1 Listen attentively.
1.2 Ask questions for clarification and understanding.
2.2 Retell stories using basic story grammar and relating the sequence of story events by answering who, what, when, where, why, and how questions.


2.5 Restate facts and details in the text to clarify and organize ideas.
2.7 Interpret information from diagrams, charts, and graphs.

2.5 Restate facts and details in the text to clarify and organize ideas.
2.7 Interpret information from diagrams, charts, and graphs.

Written and Oral English Language Conventions
1.3 Identify and correctly use various parts of speech, including nouns and verbs, in writing and speaking.

Listening and Speaking
1.1 Determine the purpose or purposes of listening (e.g., to obtain information, to solve problems, for enjoyment).
1.2 Ask for clarification and explanation of stories and ideas.
1.3 Paraphrase information that has been shared orally by others.
1.5 Organize presentations to maintain a clear focus.
1.6 Speak clearly and at an appropriate pace for the type of communication (e.g., informal discussion, report to class).
1.8 Retell stories, including characters, setting, and plot.
1.9 Report on a topic with supportive facts and details.
2.2 Report on a topic with facts and details drawing from several sources of information.


1.3 Read aloud narrative and expository text.
2.3 Demonstrate comprehension by identifying answers in the text.

1.1 Create a single paragraph.
2.1 Write narratives.
2.2 Write descriptions that use concrete sensory details to present and support unified impressions of people, places, things, or experiences.

Listening and Speaking
1.1 Retell, paraphrase, and explain what has been said by a speaker.
1.3 Respond to questions with appropriate elaboration.
1.5 Organize ideas chronologically.
1.6 Provide a beginning, a middle, and an end, including concrete details that develop a central idea.
1.7 Use clear and specific vocabulary to communicate ideas and establish the tone.
1.8 Clarify and enhance oral presentations through the use of appropriate props.


1.1 Read narrative and expository text aloud.
2.2 Use appropriate strategies when reading for different purposes.
2.5 Compare and contrast information on the same topic.

1.2 Create multiple-paragraph compositions.
1.4 Write fluidly and legibly in cursive or joined italic.
1.5 Quote or paraphrase information sources.
2.1 Write narratives.
2.3 Write information reports.
2.4 Write summaries that contain the main ideas of the reading selection and the most significant details.

Written and Oral English Language Conventions
1.1 Use simple and compound sentences in writing and speaking.
1.2 Combine short, related sentences with appositives, participial phrases, adjectives, adverbs, and prepositional phrases.

Listening and Speaking
1.1 Ask thoughtful questions and respond to relevant questions with appropriate elaboration in oral settings.
1.2 Summarize major ideas and supporting evidence presented in spoken messages and formal presentations.
1.5 Present effective introductions and conclusions that guide and inform the listener's understanding of important ideas and evidence.
2.1 Make narrative presentations.
2.3 Deliver oral summaries.


1.1 Read aloud narrative and expository text fluently and accurately and with appropriate pacing, intonation, and expression.
2.2 Analyze text that is organized in sequential or chronological order.
2.3 Discern main ideas and concepts presented in text.

1.1 Create multiple-paragraph narrative compositions.
1.2 Create multiple-paragraph expository compositions.
2.3 Write research reports about important ideas, issues, or events.

Written and Oral English Language Conventions
1.1 Identify and correctly use prepositional phrases, appositives, and independent and dependent clauses; use transitions and conjunctions to connect ideas.
1.4 Use correct capitalization.

Listening and Speaking
1.4 Select a focus, organizational structure, and point of view for an oral presentation.
1.5 Clarify and support spoken ideas with evidence and examples.
1.6 Engage the audience with appropriate verbal cues, facial expressions, and gestures.
2.1 Deliver narrative presentations.
2.2 Deliver informative presentations about an important idea, issue, or event.
2.3 Deliver oral responses to literature.

Request a copy of the List of IMA Hero™ Compliance with the Content Standards for California Public Schools by emailing us at info@imahero.com (include your mailing address or fax number) or calling 858-453-5789 or 877-866-HERO (4376). Thank You.

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*The IMA Hero ™ Biographies, Timelines, Reading Program, Your Page, Activity Books, and Lesson Plans comply with the above outlined California Content Standards. For a complete list of the California Content Standards go to www.cde.ca.gov/board or call 916-657-5478.

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