"When I saw my 4 year old son playing with the bears, I realized how much he can learn from them." -- Pilar from San Diego


"I love my Sacagawea bear. Sacagawea is a Super Mom because she carried her son on her back all the way to the Pacific Ocean!" - A 13 year old girl

"I want them all!" - Eric, Age 6

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"My son treats his Galileo bear as a real person. He takes him to school. Now, the other children in his class all know about Galileo." - Jose (San Diego, California)

"My 8 year old daughter took her Florence Nightingale bear to school for Show and Tell." - Joe (San Francisco, California)

"My 6 year old son loves his Christopher Columbus bear. He calls him Chris. I read bedtime stories to my son about Christopher Columbus and other explorers while his Chris bear sits next to him." - Steve (Encinitas, California)

"My 7 year old son salutes his Robert E. Lee bear before going to bed." - John (Virginia)

"My 7 year old daughter has the Thomas Alva Edison and Ben Franklin bears. She carries them with her when she comes with me to school. My wife and I teach her how to get around on the internet by scrolling and looking through the IMA Hero™ Collection web site." - Danny (California)

"My 4 year old daughter chose the Wolfgang A. Mozart bear because she recognized the treble clef from her piano lessons." - Don (Solana Beach, California)

"When I saw the IMA Hero™ bears, I thought they were cute. When I saw my 4 year old son playing with the bears, I realized how much he can learn from them. He takes what he learns at home with his Galileo and Columbus bears and connects it with what he learns in school about the earth, moon, and sun." - Pilar (San Diego, California)

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"The IMA Hero™ bears are very cute." - Spare Hands Craft & Gift Shop (Milton, Pennsylvania)

"StarRise Creations is a great company. I knew the IMA Hero™ Collection was a good quality product, and I was very pleased to see how fast it really did sell." - Edison-Ford Winter Estates (Fort Myers, Florida)

"The IMA Hero™ bears send a positive message as they remind us there are heroes out there! They have been very enthusiastically received by both staff and customers alike here at the Fleet Center." - Reuben H. Fleet Science Center (San Diego, California)

"StarRise Creations is a wonderful company to work with. The IMA Hero™ bears are a good product for hospital gift stores." - Pomerado Hospital (Poway, California

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Happy Learning!

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