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"Sí se puede." It means " Yes, it can be done." This was Cesar Chavez' motto.

Cesar Chavez
Cesar Chavez in New York City in 1986, squeezes a bunch of grapes to help support the boycott against grapes

Cesar Estrada Chavez was one of the greatest labor leaders in the United States. He fought for a better life for migrant farm workers, founded the first successful farm workers' union, and was the president of the United Farm Workers of America, AFL-CIO. Cesar accomplished this with a philosophy of non-violence.

In 1994, the Cesar E. Chavez Foundation was created to maximize human potential to improve the world by preserving, promoting, and applying the legacy and universal values of civil rights and farm leader Cesar E. Chavez.

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>>From Your Page: March, 2003

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Welcome to the Second Grade! Come with Florence as she visits the wonderful, bright, and cheerful students of this second grade classroom. Here, the students learn all about history, heroes, reading, and so much more. Be a part of the fun. Learn more on your own by joining the Hero Clubhouse™.

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>>From Your Page: November 12, 2001

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Schoolhouse Rock! - Special 30th Anniversary Edition [DVD]
THE VERY BEST OF SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK! Get this Special 30th Anniversary Edition DVD and relive your favorite childhood songs or experience the fun for the first time.

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>>From Your Page: December, 2002

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At the time of the American Revolution there were thirteen American Colonies. Name them.

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Did you know Rosa Parks has been called the "Mother of the Civil Rights Movement?"

Yes. The Civil Rights Movement helped make it illegal for people to discriminate against other people based on their race, color, religion, or nationality. Rosa Parks received many honors for her work in Civil Rights, including the Spingarn Medal, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Nonviolent Peace Prize, the Eleanor Roosevelt Woman of Courage Award, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Also, Cleveland Avenue in Montgomery, Alabama, (the street where Rosa boarded the bus on December 1, 1955) was renamed Rosa Parks Boulevard.

Rosa Parks

Did you know Rosa was a guest at the 1999 State of the Union Address and sat next to First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton? President Clinton introduced Rosa by saying, "She's sitting down with the First Lady tonight, and she may get up or not, as she chooses." Today, Rosa lives in Detroit, Michigan. February 4, 2003, marked Rosa Parks 90th Birthday.

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>>From Your Page: February, 2003

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Cesar Chavez is my hero for many reasons. He was a great labor leader. He was hard working, persistent, and patient. He improved the lives of many farm workers. And he did all this through non-violent means. I am proud to celebrate Cesar Chavez Day on March 31.

Cesar Chavez holding a sign boycotting lettuce in San Francisco in 1979.

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>>From Your Page: March, 2003

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Where can I find nonfiction books about Sojourner Truth for 3rd graders? (Sue)

The IMA Hero™
Sojourner Truth Bookstore is categorized into "ages 4-8" and "ages 9-12," therefore, you may find books relevant to 3rd graders in both categories. We recommend A Picture Book of Sojourner Truth for young readers who are first reading about Sojourner Truth. (We also recommend any "Picture Book" by David A. Adler as an introduction to biographies for young readers.) The Amazon.com review for Walking the Road to Freedom mentions it was a useful book for 3rd grade book reports and biography assignments.

Sojourner Truth

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>>From Your Page: December, 2002

At the time of the American Revolution there were thirteen American Colonies. Name them.

New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Did you know the colonies were divided into three regions called New England, Middle Colonies, and the South? New England was made up of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. The Middle Colonies included New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. The South consisted of Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

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>>From Your Page: April, 2003





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